About Oculis

Oculis is a clinical-stage, privately held, pharmaceutical development company focusing on ophthalmic drugs and novel drug delivery to the eye.
Oculis has developed a drug delivery platform consisting of a novel technique to facilitate drug absorption to both anterior and posterior parts of the eye. The advantage is a drug delivery system where diseases of the posterior part of the eye can be treated with a simple topical application, i.e. an eye drop.


Oculis’ most advanced product candidate is dexamethasone cyclodextrin nanoparticle eye drops, DexNP, in two indications; diabetic macular edema (DME) and intermediate/posterior uveitis. In both instances phase II human data show good clinical effect.
DexNP would be the first eye drops to treat DME and intermediate/posterior uveitis. Available drugs for DME are invasive, either intravitreal injections or implants and current treatments for uveitis involve intravitreal injections or oral corticosteroids.

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For enquiries about Oculis please contact us at: info@oculispharma.com.