The following list of publications is a selected portion of the articles published by the scientific team behind Oculis. The research described in these papers forms the basis for Oculis patent protected technology and a part of the current drug development pipeline.


P. Saokham, T. Loftsson, Int. J. Pharm. 517, 278-292 (2017).

Self-assembly of cyclodextrins and their complexes in aqueous solutions

A. Ryzhakov, T. Do Thi, J. Stappaerts, L. Bertoletti, K. Kimpe, A. R. Sá Couto, P. Saokham, G. Van den Mooter, P. Augustijns, G. W. Somsen, S. Kurkov, S. Inghelbrecht, A. Arien, M. Jimidar, K. Schrijnemakers, T. Loftsson, J. Pharm. Sci., 105, 2556-2569 (2016).