Oculis seeks financing to bring first topical DME treatment to market

REYKJAVÍK, ICELAND, 16 DECEMBER, 2015 – Oculis’ breakthrough technology allows for the first time drug treatment of retinal diseases with topical eye drops, reducing the need for intravitreal injections and implants, which are the current standard of care. Retina delivery with the Oculis’ eye drops has been demonstrated in two phase II studies in DME and two pilot studies in intermediate and posterior uveitis.

The company is preparing to raise funds for the clinical development plan for the dexamethasone nanoparticle eye drops, DexNP, and advancement of other product candidates. The proposed capital raise will be officially launched at the beginning of the new year prior to the JP Morgan healthcare conference in mid-January. To date the company has received funding from private investors and public institutions in addition to grant funding.

The primary focus is on getting DexNP approved as a treatment for Diabetic Macular Edema (DME) in the USA and Europe. DME is the largest market for DexNP and where it adds the most value. Approved DME drugs are invasive, either intravitreal injections or implants, with large unmet medical need for non-invasive DME treatment options. Today, only a small part of the estimated 25 million global DME patients are receiving drug treatment demonstrating large unmet medical need. Two phase II trials conducted in Japan have demonstrated DexNP to be safe and effective as a treatment for DME.

DexNP has substantial potential in other indications, including uveitis, AMD and as a post-operative treatment. Oculis also has other promising product candidates under development in key ophthalmic indications, including glaucoma, dry-eyes and diabetic retinopathy.

The company is open to engage in discussion with both Venture Capital firms and strategic partners regarding the proposed funding as well as collaborations on its pipeline products and patented delivery technology.

About Oculis
Oculis is a clinical-stage, privately held, pharmaceutical development company focusing on ophthalmic drugs and novel drug delivery to the eye. Oculis has developed a drug delivery platform consisting of a novel technique to facilitate drug absorption to both anterior and posterior parts of the eye. The advantage is a drug delivery system where diseases of the posterior part of the eye can be treated with a simple topical application, i.e. an eye drop.

For further information on Oculis, please visit: http://www.oculispharma.com.