Topical dexamethasone-cyclodextrin nanoparticle eye drops for non-infectious Uveitic macular oedema and vitritis – a pilot study


PURPOSE: To evaluate the safety and efficacy of 1.5% dexamethasone nanoparticle (DexNP) drops in eyes with non-infectious uveitic macular oedema and vitritis.

METHODS: In a prospective pilot study, DexNP drops were administered four times a day for 4 weeks followed by drops tapering over a period of another 4 weeks. Follow-up time was 12 weeks.
RESULTS: Five eyes with macular oedema and three eyes with vitritis were included in the study. Best corrected visual acuity (BCVA) significantly improved from a median of 0.2 logMAR to a median of 0.15 logMAR at 4 weeks’ time (p < 0.05). Median BCVA was 0.175 logMAR and 0.2 logMAR, at week 8 and 12, respectively (p > 0.05). Macular oedema significantly improved at all time-points as compared to baseline (p < 0.05) and resolved in all eyes during follow-up. One eye had macular oedema relapse at week 12. Vitritis improved in all eyes and resolved completely in two eyes. One eye had intraocular pressure (IOP) elevation which was well controlled with topical antihypertensive treatment, and one eye had cataract progression.

CONCLUSION: This short pilot study demonstrates favourable effect of 1.5% DexNP eye drops on eyes with non-infectious uveitic macular oedema and vitritis. Further comparative long-term studies are warranted to assess this effect.

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